The future of flood visualisation
Digital flood planning enabling a sustainable future

The potential for sea level rise and an increase in severity of weather events around the world is driving the need to start building a more sustainable future today. What if you had the ability to visualise potential flooding scenarios from the palm of your hand?

Wood’s FloodVue™ tool takes flood management, communication, planning and prevention to the next level in the journey to achieve a resilient future. The augmented reality mobile app provides real-time visualisations of potential flood scenarios by combining multiple data sources to create a clear, immersive picture of severe weather impacts at any location globally. The increase in frequency and severity of flooding along rivers to coastal cities is a very real possibility. FloodVue helps communities and organisations anticipate their flood risks before being impacted.

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Smarter more resilient decisions

Flood planning and prevention take on a critical front seat position, driving decision making, to empower city operators, developers, and industry leaders looking to safeguard citizens, ensure liveability, and attract future investment.

Immersive visuals, customisation options, manual and automated data entry, and numerous other add on features bring flood data analysis and prediction into focus in one place: a remotely accessible, user friendly app.

FloodVue delivers valuable insights for improved flood forecasting, climate resiliency and emergency management to mitigate potential flood impacts and protect assets.

Key features

Automated and scalable: data collation integrates flood risk data from both 1-D and 2-D applications to enable a high-level analysis

Real-time visualisation: uses multiple geolocation selection methods including observation points, GPS, Bluetooth, or manual entry to define positional and directional information for an immersive user experience

Smarter, more resilient decision-making: display multiple data sources, such as high-water mark geolocations, structural details, building information, and flood flow for better informed resilience planning

The power of flood management

Whether a municipality or a private organisation, understanding the impacts of flood risk or climate change is imperative in protecting communities and property.

FloodVue brings the power of flood management to the palm of your hand. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

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Why FloodVue

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Get valuable flood
mitigation insights

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Resilient solutions
designed to protect your assets

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We access and digitise multiple data sources quickly and accurately to produce valuable insights for improved flood mitigation, climate resiliency and emergency management.

Wood is helping clients by turning FloodVue visualisations into resilient solutions. We design, engineer and execute flood mitigation solutions to protect your assets, property and communities.

We manage complex and critical flood management decisions, engineer and implement practical solutions, through the entire project life cycle, and strive to shape digital sustainability for a better more resilient future.

Pioneering the possible through innovative technology for flood prevention

FloodVue, part of our Digital Sustainability Toolkit, is being used to predict flooding along major waterways, coastal regions, and even due to changes in rainfall. We're helping our clients to garner support, secure funding, and design solutions to build and create more resilient infrastructure in our race toward climate sustainability.

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