Advancing zero-emission fleet adoption

As the world acts to systematically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels on the journey to a net-zero future, a major fleet revamp is set to serve as a catalyst to unlock sustainable communities. When it comes to offsetting emissions, electric vehicles can be a gamechanger for creating thriving cities with enhanced mobility solutions.

Discover how Wood is accelerating zero-emission mobility for pioneering public and private fleets with tools and expertise meet ambitious net zero goals with confidence.

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Where will the journey take you?

Whether converting existing fleets or creating new fleets, powering zero-emission vehicles brings a host of possibilities with no one size fits all approach.

Wood’s ZeroEmissionSim is an interactive cloud-based toolkit that provides a detailed analysis for converting fleets to battery or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Key features

Simulate infinite possibilities:

use machine learning and real-world data to model scenarios for battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle routes, charging and fuel infrastructure locations, and vehicle types and sizes.

Address range anxiety, power and life cycle costs:

understand the true capital and operating costs for network hardware, infrastructure, energy, and utilities when scaling fleets.

Evaluate resilience over time

perform a 360-degree triple-bottom line analysis of cost impacts associated with facilities, people, environment and infrastructure.

Why ZeroEmissionSim?

Whether your goal is to meet net zero targets or accelerate adoption, ZeroEmissionSim helps to baseline your emissions, understand all factors and costs impacting your operations, develop and test infinite options, and provide you with the insight today to start advancing your transition tomorrow.

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