Wood brings new thinking and fresh ideas to every project. Our drive to continuously improve runs throughout our organisation.

A key part of our culture, innovation applies to our people, processes and technologies; always pushing us to perform better and look for opportunities to move our business forward.

Our ever growing range of services brings new and exciting connections to technologies and methods that lead the way across our business. We draw from wider industry best practice in dozens of markets across hundreds of locations to offer fresh approaches and new solutions.

Get Inspired!

Our in-house magazine, Inspired, showcases some of our latest developments. Our improvements take many forms, from cutting edge technologies, to progressive thinking and new behaviours.

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Inspired 2

In this issue we are looking at the possibilities of advanced data analytics, showcasing the latest collaboration technology that lets you visit a site without leaving the office.

Inspired 3

In Issue 3 we highlight new developments and technologies that enhance operations and improve delivery in the energy industry; covering offshore, onshore, upstream, mid, and downstream as well as clean and alternative energies.

Inspired 4

Issue 4 is our first issue as Wood and we are excited to bring you stories from an even broader range of markets and sectors.

Inspired 5

This issue is focused on our digital capabilities, with ground-breaking projects from talking databases using Amazon Alexa to site operations that track workflow with pinpoint accuracy.

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