Situated in Kazakhstan, on the north-eastern reaches of the Caspian Sea, the Tengiz field is the sixth largest oil field in the world.

The Future Growth Project (FGP) is an expansion of TengizChevroil’s existing facilities adding further processing, production gathering and sour gas re-injection capacity to increase production by 12 million metric tonnes per year, the equivalent of 84 million barrels of oil. In addition, the project will provide the means to accommodate a planned reduction in wellhead flowing pressure and thereby aid recovery of reserves.


million additional barrels of oil per year

In order to effectively support the facilities, a significant amount of ancillary work is required, including the development of module, materials and equipment offloading facilities on the Caspian Sea, improving the road systems to allow for the transportation of heavy loads to the plant site and the provision of lay down, accommodation, offices and other temporary work primarily adjacent to the Tengiz plant site.

For this project, Wood formed an integrated Main Automation Contractor team with Honeywell to leverage the expertise of both organisations, while executing the project as a singular, cohesive team.  As part of Wood’s localisation initiative the project continues to hire, train and integrate local Kazakh personnel for commissioning and follow-on support.

This world scale automation project is currently at its peak loading of over 500 resources led from the United Kingdom with teams in Bulgaria, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, and United States.  Additional team members are spread amongst supplier shops for testing and pre-commissioning activities.  The systems will be comprised of nearly  2000 control / safety systems cabinets and 64 control consoles.  The team will design, build, test and commission 28 standalone Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs) and support the delivery of equipment into another 43 module based RIEs.  The configuration of the systems will include over 100,000 devices that will be rigorously tested using a dynamic simulation.

The Future Growth Project goals for a “flawless startup” and “reduced commissioning time” play directly to the strengths of a main automation contractor execution philosophy.  The sheer size of this project requires unique execution methodologies to advance configuration and testing with partial and incomplete data.  Traditional sequential models create excessive rework and significant schedule risk. Wood’s proprietary tools and systems coupled with our relentless commitment to operational assurance will allow this project to achieve the customer’s stated goals.

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