Corporate Governance
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Wood's Board of directors is fully committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code.

The Board believes that good corporate governance extends beyond regulatory compliance and seeks to build strong, constructive relationships with our stakeholders in order that their perspectives are reflected in our decision making.

Board of directors

Roy Franklin


Ken Gilmartin

Chief Executive

David Kemp


Thomas Botts

Non-executive director

Birgitte Brinch Madsen

Non-executive director

Jacqui Ferguson

Non-executive director

Adrian Marsh

Non-executive director

Nigel Mills

Non-executive director
senior independent director

Our culture

Our culture is underpinned by our vision, values and behaviours which give us a common set of principles.
Our vision
Inspire with ingenuity,
partner with agility,
create new possibilities...
Our values
Our behaviours
Listen up
Lift others up
Stand up
Listen up
Lift others up
Stand up

Our culture focuses on creating a working environment where our people enjoy coming to work every day and our clients want to work with us. The Board plays a key role in monitoring the effectiveness of Wood’s culture and undertakes meaningful, regular engagement with the workforce to ensure it is operating effectively.

Ownership and control

Details of major shareholdings can be found here.
There is no significant concentration of voting rights and all shares carry equal voting rights.