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Sustainability Report 2020

Our guiding purpose

Unlocking solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges.

This includes playing our part in achieving the successful transition of energy and helping to create a more resilient, sustainable, liveable world. We are committed to doing what we can to help address climate change and supporting our clients in reaching their own sustainability ambitions. It takes progress. It takes partnership. It takes Wood.

It is ensuring we are sustainable in all we achieve as Wood.

It’s taking responsibility for the impact of the work we do and how we deliver it on the planet we share. It means working fairly, transparently and ethically through the trusted partnerships we create. It means recognising, welcoming and celebrating diversity in thought, experience and background to find our boldest solutions and nurture our talent. And lifting up the communities around us using our energy and expertise to improve lives.

Our defining challenge

At Wood, we recognise that achieving a sustainable future is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation.

The systemic change needed to turn the tide on sustainable development will require alignment and unprecedented levels of collaboration between all stakeholders, including government, investors, society, our employees, the business community, and indeed the communities where we live and work.

Sustainable organisation

We strive for an entire organisation engaged in maintaining and strengthening Wood’s position as a sustainable organisation, attaining ambitious sustainability goals as well as helping to deliver the sustainability solutions that the world needs.

We believe the power to create a better tomorrow starts with us.

Our vision of a better tomorrow is driven by our shared purpose and the goals we set ourselves in delivering Wood's contribution to global sustainable development.

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Together as Team Wood, we will

Improve gender balance
with 40% female representation in senior leadership roles, by 2030.
Educate and inspire
100% of our colleagues to be inclusive every day, by 2021.
Reduce our carbon emissions
by 40% by 2030 on our journey towards ‘net zero’.
Single use plastic free by 2025
Ensure all Wood offices are single use plastic free by 2025.
Building Responsibly Principles
Ensure 100% of our labour suppliers sign up and comply by 2025.
Ensure 100% of our suppliers
have Building Responsibly Principles into their supply chains by 2030.
ESG investment ratings
Consistently rank in the Top Quartile within our peer group by 2025.
Double client support by 2030
aligned to the energy transition and more sustainable infrastructure.
Give time, energy, resources
and funding to contribute $10 million to our global cause by 2030.

Sustainability report


  • Aligned to the UN Global Compact SDGs
  • Serves as our Communication of progress
  • Structured using the Global Reporting Initiative
  • Disclosures informed by key stakeholders
  • Greater alignment with GRI KPI protocols
  • Contributions across operations and functions

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Committing to a low carbon future

Power to create a better tomorrow

At Wood we believe the power to create a better tomorrow starts with us.

We recognise the role we play in driving a low carbon economy. We’re finding the answers to the questions of tomorrow to build a future that is cleaner, fairer and healthier.

Our commitment

We're committed to a sustainable future. We have targeted our business to achieve a 40% reduction in our scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030.

B | Managing | CDP Climate Change

Wood is committed to transparency around our impact on the environment. As a voluntary participant of CDP since 2011, we continue to challenge our support for climate issues.

Wood CDP Climate Response 2021


ESG performance

UK Government Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Plan

Pledge to net zero

UK based initiative led by:

Society for the Environment (SocEnv)
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE)
Environmental Industries Commission (EIC)

SBTi based target based commitment
Absolute emission reduction required
Net zero 2050

Pledge to net zero