Governance & management

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Sustainability at the heart of Wood

We are committed to embedding sustainable thinking and practice in all that we do, means ensuring sustainability is woven throughout our organisation and management structures.

Wood’s governance structures and processes are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, equity and inclusiveness. They provide core structure from which we operate our company, facilitating empowerment and broad-based participation across the business. Our sustainability programme is informed, and in turn, informs our governance system.

Safety, Sustainability Assurance & Business Ethics Committee (SSABE)

The Safety, Sustainability, Assurance and Business Ethics Committee is responsible for overseeing the Group’s management of Health, Safety, Security, Environmental (HSSE), Sustainability and regulatory compliance & Business Ethics matters, in line with the Group’s policies and values commitment.

Recognising the increasing importance and pace of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda, the committee’s terms of reference expanded in 2020 to include accountability for Wood’s approach to sustainability. The primary focus of the committee is to ensure that risks associated with issues relating to HSSE, Sustainability and Business Ethics are understood and managed and oversight is provided to systems and assurance activities in place to minimise the occurrence of major events.

Chaired and comprised of non-executive Board members, the committee oversees the Group’s effectiveness in its approach to managing sustainability issues and responding to sustainability risks and stakeholder needs. The committee meets four times a year, with an additional commitment to deliver a detailed review of sustainability with the full board, on a bi-annual basis.

SSABE Charter

Stakeholder engagement

The long-term success of our business depends upon our ability to effectively listen and engage with all our key stakeholders.  Giving our stakeholders a voice in Wood’s strategic direction ensures we continue to deliver sustainable growth and return value to our business and those we impact.  We determine our key stakeholders to be our employees, our clients and investors.

Responding to the growing ESG and sustainability agenda our focus on stakeholder engagement is a vital component of our sustainability programme and its continual development and evolution.

Read more our efforts on stakeholder engagement.

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