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Technology is moving at a pace the world has never seen before and at the heart of this change is connectivity. Enabled by smart devices and the IoT, increased connectivity is driving productivity and competitiveness as companies discover more efficient and effective solutions to manage operations, assets and employees using real-time data.

Within the energy and built environment sectors, workers are often placed in high-risk, remote environments. With connected devices, these sites can be made safer, while increasing productivity.

Using technologies to improve operations

Connected workers are monitored, informed and up-skilled by smart devices and machines. With our connected worker capability (utilising Honeywell and Microsoft technologies) employees can collaborate with experts and mentors in real-time by sharing live HD visuals of what they are seeing, that means more effective solutions are developed in less time.

From a safety perspective, technologies like Wristwatch, which have biometric monitoring, allow clients to ensure workers are always safe by tracking vitals and creating warnings when exposure to harmful environments are high. Finally, Collision Prevention and GeoTab are connected systems that are protecting assets and those on-site to ensuring greater ‘Time on Tools’ thanks to connectivity.

Wood’s experience allows us to select the connected devices that will minimise accidents, reduce uncertainty at inhospitable and remote locations, and eliminate down-time. With intimate knowledge of these devices we know how to weave the most appropriate technologies into projects to create  better operating experiences, everywhere.

Deploying connected workers around the world

At nuclear facilities, we are using Wristwatch to notify workers of hazardous areas to stay clear in real-time. We are also using geo-locating devices to ensure the safety of workers in West Texas where we have setup bandwidth solutions to ensure they always have strong lines of communication open. And in the future, we are excited about using HoloLens on-site to upskill workers.

Wood empowers you to be ready for the future now.

Discover a more connected future.


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