At build-level, enhancements to project management and construction support capitalise on the efficiencies created at design stage. New software and hardware solutions transform workflow through construction and into commissioning.

Engineering data directly drives construction and commissioning

Using our remote worker solutions, we can monitor progress of build, test the fit of the design and provide a platform for a remote and collaborative build at the front line.

Our focus is on leveraging technology to deliver the build right first time and assuring and ensuring the safety of our workers. From build through to commissioning, the seamless capture and transfer of data supports and realises this vision.

Partner solutions

Cost control and reporting

Project Cost Controls ensure proper management of the project budget in a constantly changing environment for the operator/owner. We specialise in the field of cost management from the initial estimate build (or Bills of Quantities preparation)

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Industry leading offshore installation monitoring and management system using real-time simulation to improve lay vessel productivity and line integrity

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GoTechnology hub2

With decades of experience and an unending commitment to innovation, we’ve consistently led the way with commissioning management software

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Wood develops innovative technology solutions that deliver a step change in safety, execution efficiency and service delivery.

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Application of our systems and careful data management information enables us to develop and evaluate complex tenders reducing cost and schedule risk.

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Our strong understanding of project controls can be applied to help predict, rationalise and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project.

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The most advanced and technically capable drilling riser management solution available.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles

We operate drones across Europe and North America, with over 28 skilled pilots at our disposal and 5,000+ flights under our collective belts.

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iMAASP is a user-friendly and efficient means of calculating and recalculating maximum-allowable annulus surface pressure (MAASP) on your desktop.

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