We are excited about how we can deploy new digital process technology solutions and enhance connected operations across the entire energy and built environment sectors.

Connected operations leverage our outstanding automation knowledge. Control systems allow us to operate remotely, gathering and processing data, not just across assets, but across entire infrastructures, connected facilities and networked ecosystems that can predict and respond, optimising

schedules through machine learning, monitoring equipment and materials to maximise operations and prevent failure.

Within the energy and built environment sectors, workers are often placed in high-risk, remote environments. With connected devices, these sites can be made safer, while increasing productivity.

Wood is proud to support our clients in reducing production costs, maintenance costs and delivering safe and optimised operations. Through our connected worker packaged solutions we blur the lines between field and office, to fully integrate operations and provide the front-line support when and where it is needed. The seamless capture and transfer of data ensures remote operations can be a reality for our clients.

Partner solutions


ENVision monitors environmental compliance, reduces reporting effort for downstream, refining and petrochemical facilities.

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Wood offers field-proven asset performance management tools for the design, management and optimal operation of oil & gas, pipeline and processing facilities.

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Galion Lidar unit

Galion Lidar is pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology allowing visualisation of wind speed and directional data.

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Nexus IC

A flexible, world-class integrity management stool that facilitates the building of integrity frameworks for all asset types in any industry. 

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eXpert is a state-of-the-art video, audio and data streaming hardware and software package, bringing your team from anywhere around the world, closer together.

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ProDyn - Operator training simulator software

ProDyn is a powerful, dynamic tool to teach and test the various operations of a process model, creating a realistic training environment.

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Asset performance

Asset Performance is a tool for owners, operators and investors to monitor wind portfolios, analyse and compare data that will highlight improvements to assets.

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iNotepad software is compatible with any Windows capable device – such as ruggedised and inherently safe tablets – and is used to collect data while the user is offline and in the field.

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VP link

VP Link is a dynamic simulator used to test the logic of distributed control systems (DCS) and as virtual plant/process for operator training systems (OTS)

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Proevx is an analytics-enabled, web-based, intuitive and highly visual software platform to manage production efficiency and loss reporting.

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Real-time performance monitoring, dashboarding and visualisation framework

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A one-stop solution for integrity and broader well operation management needs.

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