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Scan, obtain and analyse

The rapid progress of technology over the last two decades is fuelling more efficient and effective ways to do business. One technology that has had a major impact is Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). UAS or drone aircrafts are making it possible to scan, obtain and analyse information in less time, using less resource, and with greater levels of accuracy.

At Wood, we believe in harnessing the power of these drones to help give clients more operational efficiency across the energy and built environment sectors.

Drones are driven by pilots either on-site or within remote locations. Depending on the drone unit, these systems can collect, identify and assess, report on and in some cases even resolve key project challenges on-site. They provide aerial footage which can be key for planning phases of projects, or for large-scale inspections. They can offer situational monitoring to ensure site safety or provide remote sensing, which can translate into thermal imaging, orthophotography or environmental sampling.

Drones make your operations more efficient

We operate drones across Europe and North America, with over 28 skilled pilots at our disposal and 5,000+ flights under our collective belts. We use 13 industry accepted drone types to ensure we have the system that best fits our clients’ needs. Our experience flying drones combined with our 100+ certified engineers and 100+ geomatic professionals means that we not only know how to operate UAS’, but how to create and deliver bespoke software programmes within our drones to ensure we find the best solutions to our clients biggest challenges. We offer rapid deployment; we spend less time on site, with higher degrees of detail and certainty; and ultimately, we deliver cost reductions of 10-20% compared to manned operations.

We are deploying UAS’ to carry out pipeline surveys in places like Mexico, where our drones are identifying leaks, reporting back, and in some cases, acting as a surveillance for workers to come and fix the issue safely and quickly. We are also using drone technology to carry out on-site surveys for the UK Post Office, which is drastically reducing the people-hours required to understand footprint and condition of roof assets. Moving forward, we are excited about the possibilities of these systems to identify and resolve challenges, without requiring on-site human presence, ensuring productivity stays high while costs and safety problems stay low.

With Wood you can be ready for the future, now.

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