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Design, build, tweak, repeat | pop-art screen print

This artwork denotes Wood’s Design One, Build Many philosophy. This approach is driven by our desire to deliver cost savings in the engineering and construction of production facilities for our customers, by replicating a proven design of tailored standards. The best-in-class design elements of one facility enables the swift production of a complete engineering package for the next facility. Effectively all the engineering and procurement processes are in place, ready for the customer to fine-tune their strategy for the next facility, dramatically reducing cycle times. Combine our proven designs with economies of scale and significant cost savings in both engineering and construction can be achieved. Continuous improvement in execution also provides notable gains in schedule and quality. We make it possible.

Design One, Build Two approach saves time and costs in engineering of Gulf of Mexico production facilities

Heidelberg Spar is the second of a new spar facility design series, leveraging the “Design One / Build Two” philosophy to reduce costs and schedule.

Wood assisted Suncor in ensuring that all their stakeholders were comfortable with the design and approach that is used in Standard SAGD Well Pad design.

Download our whitepaper: One-For-Two’ Design Demonstrates Benefits Of Consistency For Production Facilities

Our catalogue of proven designs for large scale topsides shows what is possible through the standardised approach.

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