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Ready. Steady. Future | digital collage

When you marry the power of technology and data with Wood’s years of problem-solving ingenuity, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. The impact of disruptive digital technology is accelerating faster than ever. Changing the world as we know it.

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. The most in-demand jobs barely existed 10 years ago. And by 2025 there will be 1 trillion digitally connected objects. Digital transformation within industrial sectors can be daunting. With information overload, emerging platforms, cybersecurity and skills gaps, you need a trusted partner who understands the opportunities and challenges and knows your industry.

At Wood, we are solving our customers’ biggest challenges and enhancing performance across the asset life cycle. Creating integrated digital eco-systems to simulate and optimise output, deploying drones to monitor operations, using predictive analytics to enhance safety and prevent disasters before they happen, and working with technology partners to enhance real time connectivity for workers on site. We are empowering customers to meet the challenges of the digital future, embrace the surge of change and maximise value in deployment. This digital collage highlights that when you partner with Wood, you are future ready now.

Our expertise creates solutions for a more connected sustainable world. Explore the scope of our capability in the Digital and Technology brochure.

We are working to deliver cleaner, safer services, enabling a more sustainable planet by leveraging increased efficiencies and developing smarter solutions for our customers.

Wood’s innovation hub CoLab marries the power of technology with our years of problem-solving ingenuity, harnessing emerging solutions to bring new possibilities to our customers

Darren Martin is our chief technology officer, read about his passion to transform Wood and some of the strategic drivers that will get us there.

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