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Digital Twins | lenticular print

What can you gain from seeing a different view of your asset? You will recognise this picture in one direction as a typical offshore installation, but your asset also exists in a virtual world – inextricably linked to the physical world by data.

The opposing prospects of data overload and data gaps creates a major challenge for extracting the right value from the oceans of information your asset generates. An effective digital twin allows you to unlock that value, but technology alone is not the solution. By combining historical and current data with domain expertise and information management, we can rapidly deliver high value outcomes and develop predictions to optimise future performance.

Our agile approach to Digital Twin starts by applying existing data and systems to new challenges before rapidly scaling, meaning faster returns with limited upfront investment.


Digital twins can be used for many purposes; essentially they are duplicates created to enable optimisation to be carried out without disrupting ongoing operations.

Wood’s experience with digital twins has enabled our clients to:

And we are exploring new use cases all the time, tell us about your challenges and we can discuss how Wood’s full asset lifecycle approach to digital twins might help with a solution.

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