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Energy transition is about revitalising our existing methods of production, making them cleaner and more efficient so, they can continue to be key options in the energy mix. It is also about building and optimising alternative power solutions and applying the best of both options to meet the growing demand. From one vantage point you can see traditional energy solutions and from the other vantage you can see examples of digital disruption and renewable energy. We believe it is about balancing both sides of the scales to serve the societal and economic needs for energy while addressing the environmental challenges.

Wood provides market-leading services and technologies with engineering know-how for renewable projects worldwide.

Clean energy is complex, but we are well positioned to support at any stage of a project. Investors, owners, developers and lenders in clean energy all have one thing in common – they want to build and invest in successful projects.

Our optimiser services are available to wind and solar farm owners, operators, developers, and investors. These services can be applied to existing assets or during the pre-construction phase of a project and can increase annual energy production and financial returns.

The world’s first grid-connected offshore array of tidal energy turbines is located in Bluemull Sound off the Shetland Islands in Scotland. As the independent technical and commercial expert on the project, Wood’s clean energy team is commissioned to verify each stage of the development process from project engineering design to operation in the tidal stream environment.

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