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Hidden Forces | sculpture

Integrity is the invisible challenge at the heart of your asset. Just like safety, successful integrity should produce no results – no incidents, no breaches, no breakdowns. Our knowledge of this complex subject lets you look under the skin of your asset to see the forces at work, breaking down materials and placing strain on connections and welds. It is the constant battle against the ravages of nature and the corrosive power of the products we handle that makes integrity such a fascinating challenge.

We are the leading provider of asset integrity solutions to the energy and industrial sectors, with unrivalled expertise across the asset life cycle. Our all-of-facility care includes specialist services spanning the entire spectrum of integrity, with expert knowledge in risk-based inspection, operations readiness, maintenance strategies, fitness for service, asset optimisation, training, risk and assurance.

Under the water our specialists provide bespoke operational support for subsea systems, pipelines, marine terminals and subsea cables.

Our integrity management delivery and assurance is world class, and we are breaking new ground in specialist areas like well integrity through advanced analytics to bring new perspectives to your data.

Supporting our integrity efforts is a wealth of specialist engineering and fabrication capability, the metalwork in this artwork was produced in house by one of our fabrication teams specialising in sheet metal and formwork.

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