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Dimensional Data | sculpture and virtual art

What does your asset look like in 8D? Go beyond the physical dimensions and enter a virtual world of data that can transform the way you see your asset. Work your way through the many dimensions of data in an augmented environment that can be built into your asset to follow every aspect of its performance and plan future developments. We operate at all levels of data capture and analysis, combining technical knowhow with industry experience to help you analyse and interpret the oceans of data your asset can generate, allowing you to extract the greatest value and performance from your operations.

Wood provides end-to-end asset solutions driven by virtual reality and digital twins.

Virtual Reality (VR) represents a new era in technology that is changing the way we conceptualise, learn, communicate and execute work in the modern workplace. The potential benefits for the energy industry from VR are vast. VR can add significant value to operations, particularly in areas such as training, safety and decommissioning.

Wood help to reduce costs associated with asset operations, inspections and maintenance. Wood provides data analytics and software design services to asset owners and operators wanting to improve operational and data efficiency, predict operational or safety issues, and drive down costs associated with inspection and maintenance.

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