The Shield

The Shield is how we protect our company, communities, colleagues and ourselves through the simple and consistent mindset of Prepare, Engage and Intervene.

Prepare engage intervene safety shield

What is it?

The Shield helps us to communicate, engage and simplify our HSSES systems, while including the best of our heritage programmes.

The Shield has three parts: prepare, engage and intervene. Each part must be in place for the Shield to protect. Experience has taught us that incidents happen because one or more of these elements is weak or missing.

The Shield is founded in Wood’s values: commitment, care and courage. We need commitment to prepare properly, care to engage effectively and courage to intervene appropriately.

Raising the shield

The Shield can only protect when it is used properly, and we all have a duty (not a ‘choice’) to ‘raise our Shield’, to prepare, engage and intervene.

What does ‘prepare’ mean?

It takes commitment to prepare.

We commit to prepare for challenges we may face in our daily work; ready for anything in Team Wood

What does ‘engage’ mean?

It takes care to engage.

We take care to engage with what is required of us in our roles, look out for one another and be accountable.

What does ‘intervene’ mean?

It takes courage to intervene.

We have the courage to intervene, taking action to protect ourselves and those around us.

Why do we need it?

The Shield helps us to simplify HSSES management and drive consistency throughout our business.

We also use our Shield for awareness and training, organisation and monitoring of our management system, and for recognising individuals.

Everyone every day must raise the Shield to keep us, our clients and our communities all healthy and safe!

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Shield Overview

Shield posters

Life Saving Rules

There are a number of tools, systems and initiatives that comprise the Shield, one of which is our Life Saving Rules.

Life Saving Rules posters

ShieldED app

ShieldED is Wood HSSE&S’s Mobile application which links directly to all HSSE&S Documents on the BMS, putting live content in the palm of our peoples’ hands.

The ShieldED app is on IOS and Android and is available from the following QR codes.

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