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With carbon emission reduction and climate resilience high on the agenda we continue to accelerate the energy mix, evolving technology to support the growth in renewable energy. Solar energy offers a renewable alternative with the ability to improve global communities and meet their need for a cleaner, more affordable and resilient energy future.

Wood has proudly partnered with clients to deliver over 200 solar projects across the globe, including 35GW of solar PV projects and the IFC solar guidebook. Our history of leading extensive solar engineering, procurement, construction and advisory solutions across medium to​ large scale solar farms, remains a key contributor in the quest to drive a sustainable energy future.

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Richard Bennett
Director of Business Development, Solar & Wind
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Director of Business Development, Renewable Energy & Power Projects
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Clean Energy Business Development Manager
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    Case study
    Infinity 50 Benban Solar Park
    A few places are as barren as the Western Desert in Northern African’s Sahara belt. 681,000 square kilometres of uninhabited sand and rock, over two-thirds of Egypt’s total area, has laid dormant for thousands of years until now.
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    Case study
    Solar development on closed landfills
    In recent years, our team at Wood have seized the opportunity to lead solar landfill projects with diverse experience in landfill design and closure, geotechnical evaluation, environmental assessment, and site remediation