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Chemicals are essential to our modern way of life, but the industry is undergoing a transition. As the world’s consumption of chemicals increases, so does the acceleration towards pursuing sustainable and decarbonizing pathways. Whatever the future holds for the chemicals industry, Wood is committed to unlocking solutions that optimize both the built and natural assets throughout their full lifecycles.

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    Case study
    Enabling market expansion for WACKER
    Fumed silica, also known as pyrogenic silica, is in high demand. Produced in a flame, it is used across building and construction, electronics and transportation and a wide range of everyday products from paint to plant protection and personal care and beauty.
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    Case study
    Enabling conservation and biodiversity of our oceans
    An estimated three billion people rely on marine fish as a food source. Such demand has spurred overfishing and fueled the growth of fish farms. The aquaculture industry is increasing the demand on wild fish stocks further, with 20% of all wild caught fish being used to make feed for farmed fish, and 75% of all fish oil produced going to fed farmed fish.
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