Fired heater and steam waste heat recovery systems (WHRS)

Spare parts and aftermarket support

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Fired heater parts and aftermarket services
Fired heater parts and services

Reliability and efficiency are critical for your operations. That's why we offer complete spare parts and aftermarket support, guiding you from initial request to timely delivery.

Our global network of manufacturing, engineering and client service centers can meet the tightest schedules while achieving the most competitive pricing through global sourcing. Our team of specialists also offers a range of services to ensure your equipment operates at its best.

We can provide existing condition assessments, engineering, evaluations and monitoring, efficiency and reliability improvements, as well as operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting support. We can also offer site advisory assistance, rapid response solutions and replacement parts to bring your equipment back to its original condition or upgrade it to current designs and standards.

Get optimal performance and reliability

Building on our Foster Wheeler legacy, we provide cost-effective performance and maximum reliability – no matter the design, age, location or manufacturer of your equipment.



OEM heaters in 70+ countries, in addition to non-OEM

Working with


suppliers globally to source the best price, quality and delivery

Backed by


years of experience in fired heater design and technology

Aftermarket services

      Available parts include:

      Sight doors

      • Sight doors – tight sealing
      • Sight doors – glass enclosed
      • Sight door surrounds

      Tube supports

      • Wall and arch cast hangers
      • Tube ‘keepers’
      • End tube sheets
      • Intermediate cast tube supports

      Tubes and extended surface

      • Hairpin assemblies
      • Finned and studded tubes
      • Flanges and other fittings
      • Tubeskin thermocouples

      Plug headers

      • Standard plugs
      • Contoured-piggable plugs

      Convection section

      • Modular replacement
      • Header box replacement
      • Penetration seals


      • Burner tips
      • Pilots
      • Tiles
      • Plenums, air registers

      Auxiliary equipment

      • Air preheaters
      • ID and FD fans
      • Dampers and actuators
      • SCR and catalyst
      • Ducts and plenums

      Spring supports and hardware

      Instrumentation and control system components

      How we improve your operations

      Streamlined project management
      Streamlined project management Icon

      Effortlessly manage spare part procurement, ensuring a smooth experience from inquiry to delivery.

      Reliable equipment and extended asset life
      Reliable equipment and extended asset life Icon

      Enjoy longevity with meticulously engineered and rigorously tested spare parts for dependable equipment performance, avoiding unexpected breakdowns.

      Efficiency boosts and cost savings
      Efficiency boosts and cost savings Icon

      Achieve efficiency improvements, capacity increases and cost savings, increasing productivity and minimising financial stress.

      Customised solutions
      Customised solutions Icon

      Overcome operational challenges with tailored solutions, enhancing process efficiency and addressing specific pain points.

      Peace of mind
      Peace of mind Icon

      Comprehensive aftermarket services, taking care of all your maintenance, operation and upgrade needs.

      A century of fired heater experience

      Wood advantages

      Comprehensive project management

      Our end-to-end approach involves meticulous project management covering procurement, quality control and logistics. This ensures a seamless experience for our customers.

      Excellence in engineering

      Our spare parts are not just products; they reflect our commitment to excellence. Every component is meticulously engineered and rigorously tested, meeting our high standards, customer specifications and industry norms to deliver peak performance.

      Deep domain expertise

      Combining detailed knowledge of the energy, utility and process industries with engineering and design expertise.

      Global legacy

      With a rich heritage spanning 3000 different fired heater installations worldwide, we bring a wealth of experience. Our vast array of spare parts supports both OEM and non-OEM heater designs.

      Integrated solutions

      Our combination of engineering, digital and domain expertise can support you from feasibility to implementation to systems integration.

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      Get in touch with us, and one of our consultants will get back to you shortly.

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      Ask a question or request a quote, and one of our consultants will get back to you shortly.
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