Future-ready heaters

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Be future-ready

With increasingly stringent emission targets, industrial operators need to optimise their assets to remain compliant and competitive.

Greatest opportunity

Fired heaters in refineries or petrochemical facilities are typically among the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore offer the greatest opportunity for efficiency increase and emission reduction.

Net-zero goals

With the global demand for hydrogen expected to increase eightfold by 2050, most of which will be generated by thermal processes using fired heaters, this process must be decarbonised, and soon, to achieve net-zero goals.

As a critical component to many chemical processes, fired heaters will continue to play a key role but need to do so in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Minimal investment

Wood helps downstream operators stay compliant and profitable through the energy transition by eliminating inefficiencies, capturing and monitoring emissions and applying the latest technology to get the most out of fired heaters, with minimal investment costs.

Key benefits

The need for change has never been greater in our industries, in the way we treat our planet, and in how we live. United by a common purposed to unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, we seek new possibilities to improve the world today and tomorrow.

Increase throughput and profitability with greater efficiency and extended asset life
Meet environmental targets with reduced fuel consumption and emissions
Reduce downtime with new process technology and optimised maintenance

Claus sulfur technology

Wood also provides Claus sulfur technology with a proprietary acid gas burner design to manage and reduce SOx emissions:

  • Adding or modifying tail gas units (SOx and CO2)
  • Adding a caustic scrubber
  • Optimising tail gas incinerators further reduces CO2 emissions
  • Emission monitoring with ENVision

Make your heater future-ready

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