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With environmental legislation becoming increasingly stringent, we offer a complete range of specialist clean air solutions for our customers by applying our detailed knowledge of the energy, utility and process industries and our design, engineering and construction expertise to deliver products, technologies and services enabling our customers to meet their current and future environmental goals.

Our environmental technology was initially established in 1913 with a fabric filter designed for dust collection in the steel industry.  Our environmental cleaning division is constantly evolving to include a full range of gas cleaning technologies to suit our customers’ needs.  In 1983, Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control was established in Pittsburgh, PA and remains the headquarters for Wood’s environmental equipment.  With over 5,000 installations world-wide, we remain an industry leader in air pollution control technologies.

Fabric filters

We offer fabric filter designs for both industrial and utility applications, serving as primary, secondary or polishing particulate control devices.
With over 4,000 installed units world-wide, our experience spans the full range of industries, including power, steel, cement, metals, mining and many more.   We have experience with all fabric filter technologies such as high and medium pressure pulse jets, reverse air, and shaker units.

  • Drawn cup tubesheet to enhance bag seal, or 'standard' laser-cut tubesheet
  • Optimised cleaning system with variable-hold manifold pipes for equal cleaning to all bags
  • Online maintenance for operational flexibility
Cartridge collectors (CC)

The cartridge collector (CC) is our standardised pleated cartridge collector for low temperature industrial ventilation applications. This standardised, modular design fits a wide range of industrial applications. It utilises an optimised pulse cleaning system, with variable-hole manifold pipes and venturi, highly efficient gas flow distribution, a heavy duty, all welded construction and patented locking cartridge access.

Wet & dry Electrostatic Precipitator equipment (ESP)


Since our first dry electrostatic precipitator equipment installation in 1951, our technology has encompassed all major designs in electrostatic precipitators to clean gases from industrial and utility processes.

Our designs include our hammer rapped rigid discharge electrode (HaRDE) system, with tumbling hammer rapping, and our variable intensity gravity rapped (VIGR) system, with gravity impact rapping. Both designs include our virtually unbreakable rigid discharge electrodes for increased performance and enhanced reliability, with a full insulator penthouse for ease of maintenance.

Our extensive experience on various types of dry ESPs means we can provide unique solutions for rebuilds and retrofits.


Wet electrostatic precipitator equipment technology was first developed in 1907 to control sulfuric acid mist from a copper smelting process.

Unlike dry ESPs, wet ESP cleans the collection surfaces with water, washing the collection surface preventing resistivity and re-entrainment issues. This allows for higher operating power levels and increased capture of sub-micron particles.

Wood offer two types of wet ESP technology, including our condensing WESP, which is suited for industrial applications in the chemical, mining, and refining industries.  Our horizontal irrigated plate design (HIPWESP) is ideal for large applications such as in the power industry.  Our HIPWESP technology was selected for the three largest WESP installations in the world.

Spray dryer absorbers (SDA)

Our spray dryer absorber technology was established in the early 1980’s, by our research and development team, to focus on removing the acidic gases in trash.  Our SDAs are equipped with the latest two fluid nozzle technology that makes optimal use of reagents and energy consumption. This technology has been successfully implemented in many industries, including power, municipal solid waste, and many others.

  • High acid gas removal (SO2, SO3, HCI, HF)
  • Heavy metals control with activated carbon
  • Recycle to improve lime utilisation
Wet Flue Gas Desulfurisation (FGD) systems

Our wet flue gas desulfurisation systems have been successfully operating for over 50 years in various industries throughout the world.  Wood’s dual flow tray technology has been used to increase performance and reduce capital costs, whilst maintaining high levels of equipment availability.  We have experience with various reagents, and provide all auxiliary equipment associated with these systems.

Dry sorbent injection

Our dry sorbent injection systems are an economical, reliable solution when your plant requires lower levels of SO2 and acid gas emission control. DSI systems can control CI / HF, SO2 and SO3, as well as heavy metals.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

We have supplied over 80 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems globally for a variety of applications from large-scale pulverized-coal utility boilers, through industrial process heaters and boilers, to combustion turbines. In fact, we supplied the first four SCR systems on utility plants in the US.

As a boiler manufacturer, we can assess the operational impacts of an SCR installation including modified flue ducting, economizer bypass, fan impacts and more. And as a construction, engineering and equipment company we can supply the complete SCR system on a turnkey basis.
Our professionals apply the latest research, design, engineering, construction and management resources to provide single-source project execution.

We know which catalyst to use for which fuel, boiler type, and NOx reduction target.

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