Key markets
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Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage

A necessity if we are to achieve a net-zero world and needs to scale up rapidly


Unlocking solutions that optimize both the built and natural assets throughout their full lifecycles

Distribution & Storage

Cutting-edge, full lifecycle distribution and storage solutions

Environmental & Climate Policy

Work across the globe to shape smart and targeted policies


A clean and abundant energy vector to meet growing demand


Helping clients responsibly provide the raw materials for a sustainable future

Oil & Gas – Midstream

Midstream assets play a major role in the world’s energy infrastructure

Oil & Gas – Upstream

Optimising, extending life of field and decarbonising assets

Petrochemicals & Refining

Unlocking new solutions to optimise assets throughout the full life cycle


Unlocking expert power solutions for utilities, cities and industry alike


We have partnered with our clients to deliver over 200 solar projects across the globe

Waste to Energy & Biofuels

Expertise ranging from small commercial heat generation to large industrial heat and power plants

Wave & Tidal

One of the few experts in the world with extensive working knowledge of the intricacies of marine energy


A trusted partner for developers, investors and operators worldwide

Built environment


Spearheading sustainability to break new ground in designing, constructing and operating facilities

Circular Economy

Accelerating the shift towards a circular model by exploring bold ideas and innovative models


Your partner to protect and restore natural capital, overcome risks and expand biodiversity


Delivering cost-effective, resilient and sustainable outcomes for federal, state and local governments around the world

Life Sciences

Engineering solutions for a healthier world by providing expertise across the full asset life cycle

Mobility & Transportation

Engineering smart solutions and harnessing new technologies to equip operators and developers for the future


Delivering sustainable facilities that enable efficient manufacturing and rapidly respond to consumer needs


A resilient future can only be obtained by mitigating our risks and responding to evolving challenges today


Pursuing new opportunities to treat, manage and protect every drop for a water-secure future

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