The future of hydrogen production through steam methane reforming
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The future of hydrogen production through steam methane reforming

Unlocking the potential of blue hydrogen

There is a common misconception that steam methane reforming (SMR) technology is dated and does not stack up economically or provide high carbon capture rates when compared with other hydrogen production technologies. It is important to scrutinise and challenge these myths to understand what technology best suits an organisation’s project requirements.

The competitive advantage

Through continuous development and innovation, our new generation of blue SMR technology provides a greater economic and efficient alternative for production needs at large capacities.

'Wood’s approach provides
a step-change in innovation...'

Connect with our experts
Omar Bedani
Manager of Commercial Operations Fired Heaters, Global Hydrogen and Technology
Brian McCarthy 
Vice President, Technology and Products
Dan Carter
VP Decarbonisation and New Energies
Stephen McColl
Business Development Manager Sustainable Technology
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