Fired heaters

Fired heater design, operation, maintenance and upgrades to ensure reliability, enhance efficiency and reduce emissions.

Wood has an extensive range of lifecycle solutions to support the design, operation, maintenance, upgrade and modifications of fired heaters.

Our global team of fired-heater specialists deliver differentiated technologies, consultancy services and process equipment to support the full lifecycle. We have installed more than 3,000 fired heaters in over 70 countries and continue to push boundaries with our technologies and latest digital solutions.

Our Foster Wheeler fired heaters are well respected within the downstream industry. We design and supply a wide range of different types to suit all requirements, including innovative modular solutions, as well as providing comprehensive after-market services. With support from our fabrication partners, we also provide process equipment and material supply, including proprietary heaters for our delayed coking, hydrogen and CO boiler technologies.

This includes services that provide early access to strategic investments, including new grassroots facilities, major upgrades and market trends. We understand both sides of the investment cycle, delivering high-quality engineering services to support the design and development of new assets, and providing a comprehensive range of core and specialist services for operations, maintenance, integrity and brownfield modifications.

Complex heater designs
  • Refinery and petrochemical heaters
  • Steam reformers
  • CO boilers
  • EDC cracking furnaces
  • Coker heaters and technology
  • Waste heat recovery units
  • PDH, CCR and DRI
Fired heater parts and aftermarket services

Wood supplies replacement components for most types of fired heaters. Whatever the age or location of your fired heater, we can provide replacement parts or modules and support your operational, maintenance and upgrading goals.

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Revamps and upgrades

Many of our design improvements can provide the benefits of lower maintenance costs, higher availability, better operating limits, lower NOx or improved fuel efficiency.

Improve fired heater efficiency and reduce emissions

With increasingly stringent emission targets, operators need to optimise their assets to remain compliant and competitive. Fired heaters are typically among the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and offer the greatest opportunity for efficiency increase and emission reduction.

We can help you optimise the performance, emissions, fuels, controls and integration of your heater to make it future-ready, now.

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Fired heater track record

Our established track record in the design and development of fired heaters spans more than a century and was fully defined through the establishment of Foster Wheeler in 1927. Today as Wood, a combination of heritage energy service companies Wood Group and Amec FosterWheeler, we have installed more than 3,000 fired heaters in over 70 countries.

Our global network of technical experts provides full lifecycle support, including ongoing operations, upgrades and recycling / decommissioning. We have many repeat customers who use Wood because of the value we bring through our unrivalled experience, expertise, innovation, technology and cost-effectiveness.

Our safety record

Combustion equipment demands the utmost consideration of safety, which is at the heart of Wood’s ethos. Our fired heaters have an exceptional HSE record, providing our customers with many years of continued safe operation. We continue to push boundaries with our technologies, and our latest digital solutions provide improved operations intelligence as well as virtual reality operator training to deliver enhanced levels of safety for our customers.

Your fired heater partner of choice

Our low lifecycle cost approach to design, our high quality standards and the support of our specialists and aftermarket services mean that many of our aging fired heaters are still operating safely and reliably well beyond their intended design life.

  • 100+ years of established and renowned fired heater experience
  • Excellent safety record
  • Support throughout the fired heater lifecycle
  • Access to a global network of 150 fired-heater specialists
  • EPCC support / one-stop-shop
  • Aftermarket support services such as integrity management and upgrades

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