Intuitive process simulation software for chemical engineers

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CHEMCAD NXT is a suite of process simulation software that guides chemical engineers intuitively through detailed system design, analysis and reporting.

The tool can calculate mass balances, energy, chemical equilibria, sizing and behaviour of heat exchangers, distillation towers, pumps, compressors, pipes, valves, chemical reactors and other process equipment.

Wood has been a business partner and official distributor of CHEMCAD for more than 20 years.

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Customisable, flexible and affordable

Single interface

Seamless interaction between the multiple modules in a single user interface

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Appealing graphics and reports easy to export to third-party software

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Easy integration into chemical engineering computing environments

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Personalised technical support

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CHEMCAD suite of products

The CHEMCAD suite includes six products that can be purchased individually or bundled as required for your industry, projects or processes:

  • CC-STEADY STATE – Run steady-state simulations of continuous chemical processes
  • CC-DYNAMICS – Run dynamic process simulation including vessel reactor systems and batch reactors
  • CC-THERM – Rigorous design and rating of shell-and-tube, plate-and-frame, air-cooled, and double-pipe heat exchangers
  • CC-BATCH – Run Batch and semi-batch distillation columns
  • CC-SAFETY NET – Design and rating of piping networks or safety relief devices/systems
  • CC-FLASH – calculate physical properties and phase equilibria

Request a demo or a free trial

Find out more or get support

Our team of technical support engineers can help you use the process simulation software by providing:

  • Guided demos
  • Training based on your needs
  • Support on software licensing and technical issues through emails and online meetings

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