noiseAI for automated and real-time noise monitoring and assessment

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Improving noise management and optimising performance at noise-constrained facilities, worksites and for environmental monitoring

Increasing urbanisation and awareness of environmental health, worker safety and biodiversity is pushing companies to improve the management of noise emissions. Operators need accurate and timely data to manage health, safety and biodiversity issues proactively.

Being a responsible neighbour and maintaining positive relationships with community stakeholders is critical for safeguarding your operational license or planning expansions.

Wood noiseAI identifies and classifies sounds of interest such as industrial noise or animal calls, allowing users to meet regulations and improve productivity while protecting their social license to operate.

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology, noiseAI automates the otherwise time-consuming assessment of complex noise monitoring data instantly and as accurately as human experts.

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Where noiseAI can help

noiseAI has been successfully deployed for major industrial and environmental noise and sound monitoring projects, including wind energy, ports, construction, mining operations, smart cities and species monitoring

How noiseAI can improve outcomes at your site

  • Classifies sounds as they are sensed, providing deeper and more timely insight that enables bolder noise management action
  • Unlocks missed production opportunities, avoiding restrictions by false alarms and overly conservative curtailment while maintaining compliance
  • Relieves analysis burden and allows operators to focus on managing production-related noise levels by eliminating the ‘noise’ in the data
  • Ensures consistency in noise evaluation, with 24/7 availability
  • Supports accountability and transparency for reporting, auditing and quality control. AI performance can be supervised by subject matter experts through regular benchmarking.
  • Integrates with existing systems; sensor agnostic and remote-deployable via cloud infrastructure
  • Reduces noise management costs; available through a monthly subscription without setup fee

See if noiseAI works for you

You can improve outcomes at noise-constrained facilities and worksites. We use noiseAI to show you how.

As part of a free demo, we’ll show you how noiseAI can provide actionable and timely data for your facility, workplace or project, without increasing the risk of noise complaints or non-compliance.

Schedule a quick demo, send us your questions or request a quote today and one of our noise consultants will get back to you shortly.

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