Refinery and petrochemicals integration

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Benefits of integrating refinery and petrochemical facilities

Refinery and petrochemical integration allows refiners to maximise return across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, unlocking synergies, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. An integrated refinery allows operations to become more sustainable and can unlock opportunities to optimise returns.

As more energy leaders start to enter the materials market and broaden portfolios, petrochemicals integration can act as a bridge to energy and materials and bring both elements under the same roof.

End to end engineering capabilities

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Feasibility studies

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Construction management

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Start up

From the outset, we conduct configuration studies including techno-economic analysis, linear programming, economic/financial modelling and technology licensor evaluation and management. Our unmatched front-end expertise allows us to bring extensive project delivery experience and a global knowledge base of comparable project successes.

We follow this effort with reliable Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) and detailed engineering to deliver optimised solutions early in project execution, constructability, completions and commissioning. Our expertise allows us to focus on reducing capital expenditure while improving operational expenditure.

We optimise capital, operating costs and resources through shared infrastructure for utilities supply, off-sites and buildings, laboratory, leading to lower investments.

What sets us apart?

We design and deliver the solutions we develop safely and in line with today’s challenges. We combine global engineering technical expertise with a depth of real-world experience, a partnering approach and commitment to excellence and innovation. We combine these elements to deliver added value, helping you make the right investment choices to realise business objectives.

Our track record of integration project delivery

Our ability to deliver the best solutions is recognised globally across industry. For over 20 years we have been working with the largest energy and materials companies, supporting some of the most complex and challenging projects in the world.

Across the globe, we have centres of excellence with experience across the full project lifecycle. We draw upon these experts to bring a holistic approach to your project.

Want to discover more?

Get in touch today to see how we can support you in integrating your refinery and petrochemicals facilities.

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