Wind and solar optimisation services

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Our optimiser services are available to wind and solar farm owners, operators, developers, and investors. These services can be applied to existing assets or during the pre-construction phase of a project and can increase annual energy production and financial returns.

Wind and solar farm developers and operators place increasing emphasis on ensuring assets deliver maximum return on investment. A number of standard approaches are already applied globally, but we can do even more.

Our services can be tailored for individual sites or portfolios to optimise production using:

  • Aerodynamic enhancement
  • Advanced noise management
  • Control improvements
  • Forestry restructuring
  • Life extension
  • Site optimisation
  • Yaw alignment optimisation
  • Individual blade control
  • Control optimisation

In our experience, performance improvement measures can deliver between 4% and 9% enhancement at a typical wind farm. Bringing together our reputation of robust, proven performance assessment and our significant industry experience, our expertise is now applied to credible measures that will fully enhance production and performance, and asset return on investment.

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