Connecting workers to power vital services during unprecedented times

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  • Connecting workers to power vital services during unprecedented times
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Darren Martin
Chief Technology Officer

In challenging situations one of the most important factors is morale. Community spirit has emerged in wonderful ways to show how people can stay connected, work together and thrive even under difficult and life-threatening conditions.

Maintaining communications across the workforce is crucial for keeping that sense of community and social belonging in and out of working hours. The concept of working from home is being tested more thoroughly than ever, but what if your workplace is actually mission critical infrastructure that needs to keep running to power society?

Energy, utilities, food, and medical supplies are parts of a vital supply chain catering to our basic needs and these operations are fundamental to the continuity of society and quality of life. So, while most businesses including our own have made the right moves for knowledge workers and office employees and implemented working from home directives I am proud of the additional commitment we are making to support mission critical operations on the assets we serve.

Connecting office workers in the home is relatively straightforward as most homes have internet connections and portable communications through laptops and smartphones. At worksites the situation is very different, workers are mobile and have a different operational focus, assets may have restrictions on electronic equipment for safety reasons and access to a reliable signal may not be possible either due to the structure or the location.

The escalating crisis has placed new incentive / priority on maintaining real-time connectivity with crucial assets and the people who operate them, and we are increasing deployment across our projects to make sure teams have the technology they need to stay connected and maintain access to the data they need.

We have worked closely with Microsoft and Honeywell to develop a packaged solution that enables the knowledge that trained engineers have with the practical experience that trade craft professionals can bring out in the field of operations.

From the wilds of Alaska to the depths of the Sahara, we are familiar with connecting trade craft field operatives to centralised expertise, putting the right knowledge in front of the right problem to fix it first time.  

Now the problems are less remote, but no less critical, and we need to connect trade craft professionals in the field with experts who can no longer travel to a site and assist. Our technology has become an indispensable tool for enabling technicians in isolation to support remote operations on site.

If you have an urgent need to connect isolated expertise or deliver support to remote work sites please Contact us here.

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