International Women in Engineering Day

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International Women in Engineering is a global awareness campaign which raises the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.

This year the theme is #ShapeTheWorld. We caught up with some of our team Wood engineers to discover how they are shaping the world, helping to make our planet a better, safer, more innovative and exciting place to be and inspiring the next generation.

Tara Schmidt – VP strategic planning

I recognise the value in diversity of thought and teams sharing their breadth of their perspectives. I seek out opportunities to motivate and coach my colleagues and the next generation; inspiring my daughter and supporting schools where I can with STEM activities. Engineers will play a fundamental role in unlocking the solutions needed for a more sustainable planet. We need creative minds from all walks of life to take on the world's toughest challenges.

Fiona McKie – SVP operations digital and technology

It is highly motivating to be 30 years into my career and still feel like I am learning, challenged, and working to inspire others to be the best they can be. I started my working life in 1990 as an apprentice and now lead operations for digital and technology, where I find myself shaping the future of Wood through technology.

The world around us is transforming and the challenges we face are getting more complex and varied. Disruption is constant and the need to continuously evolve is ever present. If you like to be constantly learning, adapting and you are inspired by the world’s challenges and how you can solve them then engineering is a great career choice.

Siti Fatin Nazila Amit – graduate control & automation engineer

I graduated in 2018 and joined the Wood team in Brunei working with other female engineers. I aim to support and empower other women, and encourage the future generation of women to be a part of the development of our nations. We need to be confident in our capability to make an in impact and positive change in shaping the world.

Matilde Ratti – project engineering manager

Engineering will give you a mindset for every action, every task you are going to do; you will think about it, elaborate and structure your action, shaping it to be at its best. I enjoy improving my technical knowledge, seeking improvements and, where feasible, for alternative solutions. We usually say women are the focal point for each family: the house chief, responsible for the children’s growth and busy with multiple commitments. As a woman in engineering, I use the same strength at work, taking care of the growth of the collaborators and sharing my knowledge, reaching the final target together.

Anne-Sophie Amiot – downstream consultancy manager

After graduating in chemistry and engineering, I started in a medium-size company, with a family atmosphere which enabled me to envision a career and family in parallel. My next adventure was with Wood where I took the responsibility of the downstream business line less than a year after I joined. As a woman and a mum of three, I understand the challenges of working mums and I’m committed to creating an environment for women to realise there are so many careers opportunities within their reach. I have no doubt about the capability of tomorrow’s engineers, and in particular female engineers, to shape the future.

Bonani Langan – associate remediation engineer

As a woman in engineering, I think it is my job to be a meaningful role model for future generations. Women are crucial to helping provide diversity in thought, we must create an environment where women can be involved in developing and designing smart, sustainable, technology-based solutions. I will continue to mentor women coming up in the workforce, acknowledge their accomplishments, and advocate for other women so that we can build a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Adriana Botto – global innovation director (asset performance optimisation)

Innovation is one of the most powerful channels to drive the change we need. It is the lifeblood of every successful company. If we don't innovate we stagnate. Diversity in thinking presents many benefits and enhances our ability for decision-making and therefore greater innovation. To succeed you need to have an open mind and constantly adapt to new challenges. The industry is always looking for people with high learnability and intellectual curiosity.

Khairliyeva Saule – deputy project controls manager

I appreciate the role of engineering in improving quality of life in modern society, to make our world a better place. People from every part of society can contribute to and benefit from endeavors in engineering. It is critical for women as well as men to participate in developing the solutions that will shape our world in the future. If you have something that you are passionate about, passion goes a long way on one’s journey to success. If you love something, you will put in the time and effort required and excel at it. Have confidence and follow your dreams!

Gina Maritza Lozano Medina – project manager

At university when I decided to study petroleum engineering, I noticed the lack of gender diversity; in a class of 40, I was one of only four females. Engineering is a challenging but rewarding profession offering an amazing range of opportunities to develop and innovate. As an engineer you can make an impact in the world - I say, just do it! I hope to inspire the next generation of engineers to face new challenges and adapt to an ever-evolving world.

Amani F. Al-Moajil – contract manager

Engineering can never cease to amaze me, it turns imagination into a real-world innovation, as people’s needs and understanding increase, I can see that a plug-and-play world is the new trend in engineering which will shape our world. I hope to shape the world as a role model demonstrating work life balance and showing the world how rewarding it is to have a career in engineering.

Nawar Chapman – business development director

I will shape the world by sharing my experience, mistakes and lessons learned with the next generation and showing you can have a successful career in engineering and family life at the same time. My advice is to always challenge yourself and never operate in your comfort zone, all the exciting things happen outside of it. Engineering is a very fulfilling career with countless opportunities to learn and succeed. Trust me, you will feel very satisfied to have an influence of how the future will look.

Maya Guliyeva – senior closeout coordinator

Being a woman in the world of engineering previously dominated by men can be very difficult. My goal is to change that mindset and acknowledge women’s place equally and respectfully. All my female colleagues are trying hard to prove ourselves now so that next generation won’t face any prejudice and discrimination in future.

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