International Women’s Day 2020

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A sense of belonging – that’s how we want our people to feel as part of team Wood, to thrive and realise their success.

Creating a great work environment is core to this; where our people feel they are treated fairly, respected, involved, connected and cared for, and the unique contribution they bring to Wood is recognised, encouraged and welcomed.

We’re committed that our Wood community reflects the communities in which we work and having a better gender balance in our workforce is key to achieving this. With focus and drive, we’re making strong progress.

Minerva Network

Our Minerva network aims to help us achieve a more gender balanced workforce and support a culture which helps us to attract, develop and retain more women across our organisation. Joe Sczurko, Technical Consulting Solutions CEO, and Nina Schofield, executive president of HSSEA, sponsor the network which has grown to 600 members since its inception in 2019.

What action can we take to help forge a more equal world?

That's the question we posed.

Nina Schofield, executive president of HSSEA

Nina Schofield, executive president of HSSEA and executive sponsor of the network, says:
“Our diversity is our strength and we must continue to stretch our thinking to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.”

Robin Watson, CEO

Robin Watson, Chief Executive, says:
"I believe to flourish and achieve their full possibilities, our people must feel a sense of belonging in our Wood community. We are committed to creating a workplace that enables all of our people to thrive, by encouraging them to be themselves and appreciate differences around them. This #IWD2020, I pledge our commitment to continue to respect, promote and embrace the differences that give us our unique fingerprint as a global, 60,000-strong team, and celebrate the inspiring female role models in our global Wood family."

Joe Sczurko, TCS CEO

Joe Sczurko, TCS CEO and the network’s second executive sponsor, says:
“I see gender equality as a key element to creating better communities and better businesses.  To get there, we all need to broaden our perceptions, address bias, and celebrate women’s achievements.”

Minerva in action

Some photos from our Minerva network.

In the top banner - Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Raleigh office in North Carolina, USA.

Networking forum for female engineers in our high value execution centre (HVEC) in Kolkata and Chennai.

Networking forum for female engineers in our high value execution centre (HVEC) in Kolkata and Chennai.

Networking forum for female engineers in our high value execution centre (HVEC) in Kolkata and Chennai.

Inspiring girls in Iraq promoting STEM and career opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

What action can we take to help forge a more equal world?

Eniola Odunuga

Eniola Odunuga, HSE Advisor (human factors)
"I understand that transformation takes time and that any change starts with the individual however, we can make this happen by investing time and resources to educate girls. This, I believe, is key in eliminating gender biases that block them from pursuing STEM subjects and jobs."

Ruchita Rawat

Ruchita Rawat, Marketing Lead
"Let’s be conscious of the unconscious bias. Irrespective of race, ethnicity, age, appearance, we all have the right to equal opportunity. Not less or more, but equal."

Carolina Castro

Carolina Castro, VP of Business Systems Support
"Eliminate obstacles to girls’ access to secondary and higher education - education must be seen as a path to decent work for all children. This means eliminating gender biases that block girls from pursuing STEM jobs, as many future jobs will be in these fields."

Shanice Robertson

Shanice Robertson, Recruiter
"I’ll treat others as I would expect to be treated, and I’ll reflect on how fair my comments and actions are in different situations."

Kristen Fraser

Kristen Fraser, Technical Manager
"Be an advocate for others."

Claire Yule

Claire Yule, Group Head of Compensation & Benefits
"Seek to listen, understand, support and drive improvement for all; challenge inequalities and don’t accept apathy."

Fiona McKie

Fiona McKie, SVP Digital and Technology – Operations
"In the course of our daily lives we need to be constantly mindful the decisions and actions we take, no matter how big or small they may be, lead the way in securing a more equal world for all. We all have our part to play."

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