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Exhibition dates

3rd - 6th March


Toronto, Canada

We're proudly sponsoring PDAC.

PDAC is Canada’s flagship mining event which will bring industry professionals, companies and institutions together to discuss and accelerate mineral exploration and development.

Demand for key commodities and energy transition materials is set to soar and we’re looking forward to seeing sustainable materials and processing take centre stage this year.

Are you attending PDAC 2024?

Our team of experts will be connecting with clients and industry partners and hosting important conversations about how we’re designing some of the world’s most complex mining facilities.

Ken Darlington
VP, G&D, Global Minerals & Metals
Petrus Cilliers
Director, BD, Minerals & Metals
Fernando Deoud
Director, BD, Minerals & Metals
North America
Max Piirto
Director, BD, Minerals & Metals
Asia Pacific
William Lilis
Director, BD, Minerals & Metals
South America

Master class schedule

As part of the conference, Wood Digital Integration Business Manager, Andrew Partington, will deliver a unique, future-focused masterclass showcasing how you can unlock digital value in both legacy and new mining ventures.


Time and location


4th March

1pm EST

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) South Building, Room 711

Enabling digital value in both legacy and new mining ventures

Presenter: Andrew Partington, Wood Business Manager Digital Integration

Do not translate Wood