Wood’s flexible platform just became more flexible

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The first lines of code of Wood’s NEXUS Integrity Centre (NEXUS IC) software solution were laid down in 1994 – fast forward 25 years, and our asset management software platform is used on every continent (except Antarctica) and continues to evolve with advances in technology and in response to customers’ needs. It is a robust and agile solution for the management of any asset, from subsea pipelines and structures, to refineries, mining and nuclear facilities.

Today Wood’s asset performance optimisation team announce the launch of the next iteration of the tool, NEXUS Cloud, a step-change in the capability of our digital information management toolkit, with significant advancement in the flexibility that NEXUS IC offers.

app screen

The first two applications in our NEXUS Cloud family are “IC-Web”, an editable web-based version of the NEXUS IC desktop platform, and “IC-Inspector”, a web-driven iPad application for in-field data acquisition.

Bryan Eunson, senior vice president, asset performance optimisation says “From today, we have the ability to take all the inbuilt power, flexibility and security of a NEXUS IC database and create completely custom web-enabled applications.

app screen

“With NEXUS Cloud Wood can quickly create a new product tailored to customer specific needs or to a particular industry, including tailored dashboards, metrics, visualisations and interfaces to precisely align with the requirements of our customers.”

With the NEXUS Cloud, Wood can now create tailored interfaces for our customers to view and manage the condition and status of their assets.

app screen

This year alone, Wood has been supporting the oil and gas, infrastructure, government, mining and power sectors with NEXUS IC on a global basis.

Do you have a customer that needs a flexible asset data management solution? For more information, contact Dan Rigby, business development director, asset performance optimisation:

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