Wood collaborates with clients to drive circular economy solutions forward
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Through a series of recently launched projects, Wood is accelerating the shift towards a circular model by exploring new concepts and innovative solutions that will support more sustainable environments and unlock new energy solutions around the world.

One example of these efforts in action is the collaboration that Wood has launched with Nexus, LLC, a waste-to-virgin plastics company, to rapidly expand their commercial-scale production plant based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The plant converts plastic waste into products that are then converted into virgin recycled-content plastics.  The expansion of the plant will accelerate the production of this fully circular product and address the increased demand for waste plastic elimination.

In a joint announcement made by Wood and Nexus, Thomas Grell, President of Renewable Energy & Power at Wood, commented: “We are looking forward to working with Nexus to unlock more sustainable practices and further develop this innovative solution for the industry and our clients. At Wood, we are working to build a better future by developing the circular economy and adopting new energy applications.”

Earlier this year, Wood announced a collaboration with ReNew ELP to develop the world’s first commercial-scale plastic recycling plant using an innovative advanced recycling process in the northeast of England.  Wood is leading the delivery of engineering, procurement and construction solutions for the plant, which will ultimately divert plastic away from the natural environment, decouple plastic manufacture from fossil resource and reduce CO2 emissions.

Working with our clients to reach their own sustainability ambitions and efforts to eradicate the negative impact of waste plastics is just another way that we are pursuing solutions to meet today’s challenges and build a future-ready global community through a circular economy.

Amy West
Communications Manager
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