Join the virtual Wood House at Davos 2022

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Team wood is bringing the Wood@COP26 community to Davos, in the week of World Economic Forum (WEF), and is calling on thought leaders and influencers from business, industry, finance and society to join us for a series of virtual events.

The World Economic Forum, of which Wood is a partner, will run from 17-21 January 2022 as an alternative to meeting in person in Davos, Switzerland, but with the same annual meeting objective to orientate global leaders towards urgent global issues and the imperative goals for the year ahead.

The Wood House concept was launched at COP26 in Glasgow and brought together dozens of partners to an events hub to spark and foster important conversations around net-zero, resilience and responsible business and inspire action against climate change.

The curated virtual events, aligned to the WEF agenda, will continue the important conversations and collaborations started at COP26, and kick-start a year of Wood House events.  The programme topics are synonymous with the WEF agenda and have a special focus on climate, nature, risk and resilience.

Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President for Sustainability Solutions at Wood, said: “The World Economic Forum is an ideal platform to discuss collective goals and challenges at the beginning of 2022. We are delighted to expand our Wood House community and coming together now will allow the business community to focus on critical collective challenges and provide a platform for connection.”

Be part of our community.  Join us for our virtual Wood House events from 17-20 January

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Team Wood is a partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

World Economic Forum Agenda

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