Wood applies pipeline design expertise to lunar feasibility study

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Wood and Lunar Resources have been awarded a grant by NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program to lead a design study on the Lunar South Pole Oxygen Pipeline (L-SPoP).

For this project, the team will undertake an end-to-end system-level design study of the L-SPoP, a pipeline at the South Pole of the moon to transport gaseous oxygen from an extraction site to a proposed future Lunar base.

“To bring our pipeline expertise to the lunar surface is incredibly exciting for us, from both the potential impact this pipeline could have on lunar development and the technical challenges we must solve to implement a project this advanced,” said Mark Netzel, Vice President, Onshore for Wood’s Projects business.

Having designed and managed projects totaling more than 600,000km of pipelines, Wood’s expertise ranges from large-scale projects to in-depth consultancy work; from concept design and front-end engineering to detailed design, operations and decommissioning.

Wood’s team has a proven history of tackling the toughest pipeline industry challenges, such as high operational temperatures and pressures, ultra-deep waters, and critical environmental conditions to ensure safe and efficient solutions.

Applying new technology, advanced analytical capabilities and technical acumen, Wood’s experts deliver optimal solutions for the planning, design and development of pipelines.

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