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Wood recognised by Honeywell as “Top Supplier”
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Wood is honoured to be recognised as a “Top Supplier” to Honeywell, a distinction announced at the technology company’s 2019 Supplier Summit. Of the four suppliers recognised at the event, Wood was the only one that provides consulting, engineering and construction services.

“Honeywell sets high performance expectations for its suppliers because they are important in our value chain,” said Honeywell Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer Robert Vislosky. “Wood has placed a priority on supplier criteria important to us:  safety, consistent delivery to Honeywell quality standards, innovation, and global reach. The partnership between Honeywell and Wood, across multiple areas in both businesses, has been attained because of the mutual commitment to create win-win solutions and utilise the best products and services both corporations can offer.”    

Since 2005, Wood has served as an Alliance Partner, supporting Honeywell’s remediation program. It also provides a variety of engineering and construction management services to the Fortune 100 company’s Performance Materials and Technology unit. Wood and Honeywell actively collaborate with customers in several other areas, including automation and control, fired heaters and combustion technologies, digital applications, and emerging renewable energy projects.

Joe Sczurko, Wood’s Executive President of Strategy & Development, said, “We share a mutual focus on always improving quality, service, technology, and price. What’s even more exciting is the number of Wood businesses partnering with Honeywell businesses to bring unique solutions and value to oil and gas, chemicals and other industrial customers. This mutual commitment to drive innovation demonstrates our business alignment and reflects Wood’s strong – and broad – relationship with Honeywell.”

Banner: pictured from left: Mike Dunleavy, Honeywell Vice President, Procurement & Operations COE; Joe Sczurko, Wood Executive President of Strategy & Development; Rob Vislosky, Honeywell Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer; Tom Johnson, Senior Procurement Director, Buy Honeywell & Remediation