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Wood expands utilities footprint with new National Grid framework contract

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Wood, the global engineering and consulting company, has been awarded a five-year framework contract by National Grid to provide digitalisation, controls, and metering upgrades for their gas transmission assets across the UK.

Gas compressor and gas measurement stations are an integral part of Great Britain’s national gas transmission system, helping to maintain the pressure, gas quality and flowrate as stipulated by National Grid and Ofgem as natural gas is transported through a network of underground pipelines, compressor stations and above-ground installations to reach homes and businesses.

With natural gas currently used to heat more than 80% of Britain’s homes and provide 40% of electricity generation, maintaining this infrastructure is essential to improve the performance and resilience of the transmission network. Wood will deliver innovative digital solutions, identify and implement technologies to update equipment, upgrade control systems and measurement, and enhance cybersecurity for a secure and reliable supply of natural gas.

Wood’s specialised expertise will enable National Grid’s systems to operate more efficiently, enhancing gas measurement and reducing carbon emissions. In line with the UK’s ambitious net-zero target, National Grid is aiming to lower their own direct emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Wood has significant expertise and experience in energy transition solutions, including the use of Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas. As part of this contract, where required, Wood will review the possible future introduction of hydrogen by National Grid for either blended (with natural gas) or 100% hydrogen, and identify the associated risks and mitigations required for accurate flow measurement, system performance and equipment maintenance.

The framework approach was adopted by National Grid to meet RIIO T2 price control requirements and to migrate from a transactional supply chain approach to one that harnesses the power of long-term partnering and collaboration to ensure innovation is at the core of project delivery.

German Carmona, President of Wood’s Applied Intelligence business, said: “We are delighted to embark on a new partnership with National Grid to enable the safe, secure, and reliable operation of their gas network to meet the energy needs of the UK. This award allows us to leverage our cutting-edge digital tools and domain expertise in intelligent operations and maintenance solutions to support National Grid in their journey to achieving carbon neutrality.”

“Our breadth of experience in asset performance management and flow assurance, as well as our collaborative approach with clients and suppliers to successfully deliver transmission systems, positions us for continued growth in the UK energy sector.”

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