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Wood and Transitus Energy to develop decarbonisation models for UK industry

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Wood has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Transitus Energy, to explore opportunities for onshore and offshore decarbonisation projects across the UK energy industry.

The two companies will collaborate to develop a fit for purpose duty holder model to support future infrastructure investments, and position Wood as a strategic partner, providing onshore and offshore lifecycle asset management engineering and operational solutions.

Transitus Energy aim to be an agent of change, assisting and enabling oil and gas operators and the wider industry seeking to transition their operations to low-carbon energy. They intend to enable industrial fuel switching and transition natural gas production to low-carbon hydrogen.

Wood will leverage its extensive energy and infrastructure asset management knowledge and experience to support Transitus Energy and its decarbonisation strategy, by collaborating on operating models, capability and solutions that are ready for responsible, efficient and safe production, whilst supporting the development of the energy transition and hydrogen production market.

Stuart Smith, Senior Vice President, Operated Assets at Wood added: “Wood is committed to accelerating the energy transition in the UK, enabling a low carbon energy future by supporting the decarbonisation of existing assets and leveraging our decades of experience in the North Sea. Our team will work with Transitus to bring their decarbonisation strategy to life, utilising our through-lifecycle expertise.”

Jack Peck, Chief Executive Officer of Transitus Energy, confirmed: “Transitus is excited to collaborate with Wood to decarbonise the UK’s energy and industrial sectors. We believe that our model offers a way to do the energy transition rapidly and affordably, repurposing existing expertise and resources to pragmatically accelerate the UK’s decarbonisation plans. Wood will be an essential part of our project strategy, bringing decades of experience to bare for the benefit of this developing sector.”

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