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    Roy Franklin


    Ken Gilmartin

    Chief executive officer

    Lesley Birse

    Executive President, People & Organisation

    Birgitte Brinch Madsen

    Non-Executive Director (*Image © Søren Svendsen, M&L)

    Mike Collins

    Executive President, Projects

    Craig Shanaghey

    Executive President, Operations

    Jacqui Ferguson

    Non-executive director

    Azad Hessamodini

    Executive President, Consulting

    David Kemp

    Chief financial officer

    Martin McIntyre

    General Counsel and Company Secretary

    Adrian Marsh

    Non-executive director

    Nigel Mills

    Non-executive Director

    Brenda Reichelderfer

    Non-executive director

    Jennifer Richmond

    Executive president, Strategy & Development

    Nina Schofield

    Executive president of HSSEA

    Susan Steele

    Non-executive director