Power of Partnership: Unlocking the future of energy in the UKCS

We explore how new and innovative partnerships can be the catalyst for the future success of the energy industry in the UK continental shelf (UKCS). We look at how redefined client-supplier relationships can unlock transformative value, and importantly, we discuss how innovative ways of working can propel progress towards a net zero future.
6:23 Creating transformative partnerships in today’s world
14:50 Pivoting to an integrated energy future
Craig Shanaghey
Craig Shanaghey
/ Wood
President, Operations - Europe, Middle East & Africa
Craig Shanaghey leverages his three decades of multi-industry experience, and diverse expertise developed through operational and strategic roles to lead a resilient and high-performing business, focused on unlocking solutions to the world’s most critical challenges. Craig is focused on building strategic partnerships to drive business growth and unlock transformative value. Craig is based in Aberdeen, UK.
Katy Heidenreich
Katy Heidenreich
Supply Chain & Operations Director
Katy Heidenreich is the Supply Chain & Operations Director at OGUK with responsibility for promoting industry’s competitiveness throughout the lifecycle of upstream operations, from exploration through to decommissioning, to encourage investment and ensure the UK can meet as much of its own energy needs as possible. Katy champions the world-class capabilities of the UK supply chain to maximise its opportunity to drive the technology and innovation required to deliver net zero targets. Katy Heidenreich brings more than 25 years of industry experience to the role, mainly from Schlumberger Oilfield Services where she worked in across a variety of technical, commercial and senior management roles in the UK, Norway and Azerbaijan.
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