Decommissioning and remote engineering
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Managing the nuclear legacy

Many of the world's nuclear facilities will be reaching the ends of their active lives within the next 20 years. The cleanup and management of the nuclear legacy is one of the most demanding challenges facing the industry. We help customers meet this challenge by creating long-term partnerships with them to design and implement innovative, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Decommissioning and cleanup

Wood has a long track record of working on the world's most complex nuclear decommissioning sites, including Sellafield and Chernobyl. This includes helping operating partners manage the change of mindset and culture needed to move from operations to decommissioning.

We offer a complete range of nuclear services spanning the full life cycle of decommissioning projects, from developing the initial concept through hands-on decommissioning and cleanup.

Our teams provide innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions for decontamination, dismantling, deactivation and demolition of high-hazard plants and sites. We combine safety case management, environmental and radiological consultancy, and health physics support with our core engineering capabilities.

We provide you with solutions in waste characterisation, minimisation and processing through to storage, transportation and safe, final disposal. Our services include radiological monitoring and segregation of contaminated material using ScanPlot and ScanSort, our proprietary automated technology including the use of sophisticated remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for difficult access.

Remote handling and remote operations

Remote engineering has a key role in delivering safe and efficient solutions to technical challenges within the nuclear industry and beyond. We develop bespoke, remote handling equipment, including ROVs, for multiple applications in hazardous environments and confined spaces.

For the Trawsfynydd site North Wales, UK, we designed and implemented a remediation solution to decontaminate the surface of the former spent nuclear fuel cooling pond by removing the surface of the concrete structures through remotely deployed scabbling. Our innovations in equipment design reduced scabbling time by 25%.

We have been appointed by the UK government to lead a research project involving a number of partner organisations to develop a system for decommissioning and dismantling a complex, contaminated building at Sellafield. Our solution incorporates cutting-edge technologies in fields such as virtual reality, robotics, waste characterisation and intelligent manipulation.


SIAL is proprietary technique we developed for immobilising, solidifying and encapsulating nuclear waste in a safe and cost-effective manner, and has been used successfully at a number of nuclear power plants in Europe for more than 20 years. SIAL can be used on site, saving you significant time and cost. It can be used on low, intermediate and high-level radioactive wastes, enabling the transformation of these into a much safer solid form that is easier to handle, transport and store. As a geopolymer, it is superior to cement because it can incorporate significantly more waste into the matrix, reducing disposal costs. The World Association of Nuclear Operators has cited SIAL as an example of best practice.

ORION Technology

ORION ScanPlotR, the most advanced overland radiation system on the market, combines highly sensitive gamma radiation detectors with survey-grade GPS receivers. The radiological data is processed by an on-board computer to produce spatial mapping used to indicate locations of low-level radioactive waste.

ORION ScanSortR is a portable, conveyor-based system for laboratory-quality radiometric scanning and real-time segregation of radioactive material. ScanSort offers significant benefits over traditional sorting methods because it reduces waste volumes by up to 95% by scanning excavated materials accurately, sorting materials to nuclear regulatory specifications, and reducing transport and disposal costs.

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