Due diligence

Ensuring projects overcome risks, obtain financing, are environmentally compatible and delivered safely.

With a wealth of experience across multiple asset types and markets, our due diligence capability provides detailed and impartial advice to help you make informed financial and investment decisions.

Potential and performance

When you are looking to invest, whether appraising the potential of a new asset or evaluating the performance of an existing one, balancing cost and benefit is crucial. It's important to explore all aspects of your venture across the complexities of a large-scale facility.

Wood’s experience is unique, spanning a broad range of sectors and geographies; our network supports customers globally.

Transactional due diligence

When assessing the feasibility of an investment or project you need to know the costs and the expected return. Technical and commercial feasibility are interlinked, and we have the detailed know-how, crafted from years of hands-on experience in planning and executing projects, to ensure you’re informed of all the options and costs.

Our transactional due diligence services focus on identifying and quantifying critical environmental and engineering risks that could affect the economic viability of an asset. We help owners, financial institutions and potential shareholders understand all the implications, so they can make the right decision and build the justification to proceed with their project.

We also help new owners integrate their asset into a portfolio, ensuring the correct environmental, health and safety management framework and tools are in place to maintain compliance, and that emerging and future requirements are forecast accurately.

Hazard and risk

We work in many industries where hazard management and risk mitigation are crucial to ensuring safe design and operations. We have extensive experience in nuclear, renewables, mining, oil & gas and government projects, where the expectation is always to go beyond regulatory compliance to guarantee that the equipment we design, build and maintain is safe, secure and reliable.

We ensure that safety is embedded throughout every stage of an asset’s life cycle. Our experienced technical safety and process engineers have a wealth of experience in working in live producing assets and have hands-on engineering and operations capability. We have the right tools and necessary industry exposure to manage and mitigate risk within your business.

Track record for delivery

With an independent viewpoint we will always recommend the most appropriate solution for our customers. We draw upon the extensive technical expertise we have throughout our business, as diverse as the assets we support.

We tailor our approach, mixing practical knowledge and consulting skills with rigorous analysis and academic expertise to provide all aspects of due diligence, including:

  • Final investment decision (FID)
  • Peer review
  • Performance evaluation
  • Environmental assessment and remedial design
  • Consenting services
  • Verification and validation
  • Technical audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operational readiness
  • Commercial validation
  • Risk profiling, assessment and pricing
  • Damage inspection and assessment
  • Decommissioning services
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With a multidisciplinary, multilingual network of engineers, scientists and managers, and a global footprint that spans six
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