Late-life asset management

Wood’s asset life-cycle support goes beyond ongoing delivery to focus on the management of change as the operation is adapted.

As an asset progresses through its life cycle, changing priorities make it necessary to adapt the mode of operation. Late-life management services can encompass individual or bundled assets, including:

  • OPEX budgetary decisions analysed on a life-of-field basis
  • Maintenance, including post cessation of production reliability
  • Logistics services
  • Platform operations and life-support services
  • Early preparation scopes for post cessation of production activities
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance (including safety case)

Our strategic planning for late life concentrates on:

  • Maximising economic recovery
  • Optimising the transition between final production and abandonment and removal
  • Minimising total OPEX (operating expenditure) and ABEX (abandonment expenditure) across this time horizon
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Delivering integrity assurance
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