Public infrastructure services
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Smarter infrastructure, stronger communities

For complex infrastructure demands, we combine a practical approach with ingenuity to deliver cost-effective, flexible technical solutions to enhance capacity, improve mobility, protect water quality and build sustainable communities.

From ideas to blueprint to boots on the ground

Whether expanding public transit options for a large metropolitan area or securing a stable water supply for a water-scarce country, major infrastructure projects pose unique challenges. To develop cost-effective, practical solutions, we deliver the technical expertise and resources required to manage programmes and provide support through all stages of a project, offering flexibility in project delivery methods. From large-scale transportation infrastructure projects to water/wastewater treatment, stormwater management and site development projects, we help you execute your projects on time and on budget.

We provide conceptual, basic, and detailed design plans and specifications for a wide variety of civil and environmental projects.  We are with you during the construction phase of your infrastructure project with expertise in construction engineering, inspection and quality control/quality assurance.

Technology-enhanced solutions

We incorporate the latest technologies and involve strategic partners to provide greater value at every point in development of a project, from the use of new materials and techniques, to streamlining systems for faster project delivery. Our expertise in management, planning and design, combined with our understanding of construction, enables us to create resilient solutions that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

The pursuit of resilience

Now, more than ever, our customers are tasked with designing, building and operating facilities with significant consideration for sustainability and resiliency features and flexibility. As those challenges grow more diverse and uncertain, it is imperative that resilience planning become a forethought instead of an afterthought in all phases of project planning, design and delivery.

Our partnership with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) facilitates strategic collaboration with other public- and private-sector members within the network and creates more opportunities to develop innovative solutions all over the world using new technologies and new thinking.

Across multiple sectors and geographies, we have what it takes to be the partner of choice to deliver.

  • Infrastructure master plans
  • Permitting strategy and implementation
  • Traffic studies
  • Road and bridge design
  • Rail infrastructure design
  • Site development and design
  • Stormwater design services
  • Sustainable infrastructure design
  • Water conveyance system design
  • Port and marine infrastructure design
  • Water and wastewater treatment services
  • Waste management facility design
  • Construction engineering and inspection

Some examples of our work:

  • 200+ rail projects completed annually
  • 2,000+ miles of roadway planning and design in North America
  • Advised four of the UK's five largest airports
  • Designed and built Illinois’ first SmartRoad
  • Worked for each of the major railroads in North America
  • Provide stable water supplies to water-scarce countries
  • Expanded rail transit options to meet Ontario’s growing population demands
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United by our common purpose to unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, we are future ready, now.
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