ECE™ - corrosion and materials selection

Used by operators and engineering contractors worldwide, ECE™ delivers realistic corrosion assessments calibrated to real field data.

Corrosion caused by the process fluids is one of the main challenges in the design and operation of facilities for oil and gas production, pipelines, process facilities and other systems. ECE® is a tool that assists corrosion engineers through the quantitative estimation of corrosion rates and selection of corrosion-resistant materials. At the heart of ECE is a model for corrosion analysis, firmly based on laboratory data and on-field calibration studies with pipelines, piping and downhole tubing.

ECE is relied on by operators, engineering contractors and suppliers world-wide to support critical decision making, for example:

  • New project feasibility and concept studies
  • Front–end and detailed design engineering
  • Selection of suitable and cost-effective materials
  • Analysing operational corrosion problems
  • Life-prediction and life-extension

ECE is applicable where corrosion is primarily due to acid gases (carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide), for example front-end oil and gas production, pipelines, downstream processing, as well as in geothermal energy and some situations in power generation, refining and other industries.

Key features
  • Corrosion rate estimation for steel downhole tubing, flowlines pipelines, and process piping
  • Selection of corrosion resistant alloys considering corrosion, pitting and stress-corrosion cracking
  • Multiple point calculation along well tubing string or along a pipeline/flowline
  • Multi-stream bulk calculation function with spreadsheet import and export capability
  • Treatment of sweet (CO2 ) and sour (CO2 + H2S) service conditions
  • Corrosion evaluation incorporates critical factors such as oil API gravity, water-cut, flow rates, tubing deviation angles, carbonate and sulphide scaling, flow regime, top of line corrosion
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Supplier reference list
  • Extensive technical help files
  • User-friendly reporting, printing and saving of outputs and data files
  • Fully supported product with IT and engineering support and with regular updates for licencees
ECE 5.6 now available
  • Flowline segmentation
  • New CRA tubing evaluation rules
  • Model factor information
  • Improved excel interface
  • Enhanced tubing deviation interface
  • Erosional velocity improvements

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Free webinars

Corrosion analysis

Learn how to avoid internal corrosion problems in your pipeline project.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Select the right input parameters and understand the full lifecycle costs of material selection decisions
  • Avoid common mistakes when modelling corrosion and selecting materials
  • Reduce analysis time and increase accuracy by using the latest features of Wood’s Electronic Corrosion Engineer™ (ECE) software

Materials engineering

Learn how to apply standardised specifications that rationalise the best aspects of base codes, operator specifications and engineering best practices.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Standardise engineering project delivery
  • Avoid the need for complicated technical variations and delays
  • Reduce projects cost and lead time using Wood’s standard specifications
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