eXpert - eWorking solution

eXpert brings your team from anywhere around the world, closer together.

Our eXpert solution, a state-of-the-art video, audio and data streaming hardware and software package, brings your team from anywhere around the world, closer together. Through a dedicated hub, eXpert enables your experts in the office to collaborate with on-site staff in real time, to find a solution without the travel logistics and associated delay and costs.

eXpert is not limited by geographical restraints. With a satellite uplink, you can connect anywhere in the world whether or not you have a local network. The system also allows multiple locations to dial into a call, significantly enhancing collaboration capability. Our system is currently the only one on the market to enable such wide ranging connectivity.


The touch-screen technology allows you to take snapshots, highlight areas on screen or even mark up during live feed, directing the local operative to key areas for further inspection or identifying points around the site. This key feature helps you gain clarity and agreement with all parties in the room, confirming decisions and speeding up the operational process. Enhanced functionality allows sharing of diagrams, instructions or drawings to further enhance understanding of issues and resolutions

Safe and secure

The front-end device is fully ATEX rated for use in zone 1, Class 1, Div 1 hazardous areas, relaying through either a local network or satellite, and connecting with a collaboration hub to allow outside parties to interface from a range of devices. The encrypted connection is completely secure.

Connecting discipline expertise, project managers, safety specialists and key decision makers to the work site brings major benefits:

  • Major cost savings through reduced logistics and fewer personnel on board
  • Rapid resolution and decision-making
  • Immediate direction and support
  • Reduced inspection and execution time
  • Improved connectivity and problem-solving
  • Increased safety on site
  • Greater understanding and familiarity with asset and work-scope scenarios
  • Improved accuracy of information to make crucial decisions
  • Reduces vendor/expert mobilisation costs.
  • Reduces potential shutdown time
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