iNotepad software is compatible with any Windows capable device – such as ruggedised and inherently safe tablets – and is used to collect data while the user is offline and in the field. This data can then be synchronised with the master database when the user is online again.

Key features
  • Collects and stores safety-critical equipment inspection data, such as annulus pressure from field readings
  • Records as-built data as observed in the field from component specifications (e.g., to correct the record of a valve manufacturer)
  • Works both offline and connected to the corporate network, when available, to synchronise with the master records held in Wood's iWIT Well Integrity Management Software or any standard relational database management system (Oracle or SQL Server)
  • Works within an iWIT approval workflow so records collected in the field can be checked, sent back for re-work if required, then approved and committed to the master record
  • Supports multiple unit systems
  • Provides in-field validation (e.g., enforcing the entry of all required information)
  • Maintains a list of recently visited wells so an inspection campaign can be tracked
  • Stores ancillary information, such as reasons why certain inspections have not been performed, and comments
  • Increases cost saving and efficiency in field data collection, especially by avoiding double handling of data from paper to database
  • Improves quality of data collection by enforcing rules at the time of field data collection
  • Operates inherently within an approval system so data is automatically flagged for checking before committing to a master database
  • Minimises the possibility of incomplete or missing data, which can happen easily with paper records
  • Maintains a record of wells already visited to improve the efficiency of inspection campaigns
  • Enables data collection types to be readily adapted for an operator’s specific needs and can be extended to synchronise with most third-party databases

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